Four Important Positions Kaaba to Christians and Jews

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Filsafat, ISLAM, Khazanah, sharing n completed

Christians and Jews are two heavenly religions reject the divine Kaaba. Christianity in particular, states that the Kaaba was not another as a hotbed of Arab paganism that vile and disgusting. Even the Christians explained that the Kaaba is the house of the Arabs worshiped the jinn, and as Muhammad won the war, the shrine is claimed to be part of the belief system composed by Muhammad Islam. And so, in this perspective, Muhammad was an Arab who also participated in the worship of the temple in the desert residence of the jinn.
The four points below will explain that the establishment of the Jewish and Christian of today who said that the Kaaba is an abomination alone, is actually the result of a political process, not the process of God’s holy word of them.

Kaaba is a building that is recognized by the Jews as a building that was built by the ‘father’ they are Abraham. The Jews who lived in Mecca at that time still maintain the tradition and memories that connect them to the obedience of Prophet Ibrahim who is the only reason why it stands the Kaaba.

In other words, the Kaaba was divine. This means that Jews recognize the Kaaba as divine as it is the legacy of Prophet Ibrahim. Kaaba is the observance of the Jewish nation at the time. When the Jews rejected the Kaaba is now as divine, then in fact it is because Jews have a negative gut feeling about what Muhammad brought Islam. From this separation of the Jewish fate of its association with the grace of God Almighty.

Jesus had never been condemned Kabah in his Gospel. Why?? If it is indeed misguided Kabah, then Jesus should have warned people through the verses of his Gospel: NEVER ONCE got into the act Arabs venerate the Kabah …
After all, in fact there is no verse in the Bible that tells how Jesus had warned people about the dangers of the Ka’aba.
If the verses referred to does not exist in the Bible Jesus, it WILL NOT WANT it means Kabah was divine, the Lord Jesus who sent them.

Basically, the Bible should be called the Kaaba, if the Kabah shrine was indeed God’s divine. But if the Bible calls the Kaaba in Mecca is in the verses, PUNITIVE surely worse … because one day later the Christians and Jews and Muslims will continue to fight to seize the Kaaba in Mecca is. It’s not good for the people of God for Muslims.
That is why God never called the Kaaba in Mecca, the Bible for the safety and security of Muslims themselves while worshiping in Mecca. In other words, the divine Kaaba is only for the people of God in the name of the prophet Muhammad.
In other words, the Christian God / People of the Book (God the Father, Lord Father) never called the Kaaba in the Bible, it does not automatically mean the Kaaba is the detestable pagan worshipers of Satan.

In the pre-Islam (Muhammad), statues of the Virgin Mary, Jesus sculptures, statues of the Virgin Mary cradling Jesus, and others, are so out of so many idols that take place in this Kaaba. In other words, a Christian nation that exalts nation Kabah including desert. Christian nation it is not at all disturbed by the physical form of the Kaaba is a cube just a building with four walls flat and made of natural stone. If a Christian nation when it recognizes that the Kaaba was kesamawian them, history has said the same thing.
There was never a discourse when it is driven by the Christians who stressed that the Kaaba was vile, or the genie god stupid Arabs. The prayers of praise to the Kabah typical Christianity has replaced their suspicion to the only existing building in the city of Mecca.

Maybe in the past, the Kabah is the only temple that is safe from criticism from any source, both from the Christian, Jewish, pagan Arabs like any other. This means that Jews and Christians in the past has no agendas to antagonize the Kaaba is, because in the view of the two religions, the Kaaba was their blood through faith in Yahweh, or God the Father.
God has a will of which may not be understood by the people. And the Kaaba, God has ensured that the Muslim nation is not wrong AT ALL if they keep turning their faces to the Ka’ba while belief that the Kaaba was the first shrine built by man (ie Adam) to worship. This practice has long been abandoned by the Jews and Christians.

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